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Creative Photography

Creative PhotographyCreative PhotographyCreative Photography

Living in the moment...

My Background

  • I am  a self-taught Photographer who likes to capture and create images that ignite my imagination. The traditional will always be timeless but the abstract is always calling. All images  except the people portraits can be purchased in digital format. I am not offering printing at this time, though may do so in the future. The people portraits are for those clients only, and are shown here for display purposes only. 

Photography as Communication

  • Photography is a visual language and can evoke all manner of emotions. People will interpret what they see in their own way. Photography provides us with  the opportunity to make a visual record of the World we live in, and the lives we live. The World is a beautiful place full of beautiful imagery, and I get to capture it on my trusty Canon.

Sharing Stories

  • Sharing our stories is so important!  Our narratives of origin are of great significance! How we choose to tell those stories is up to us.Photography is just one way in which we can share what we have seen on our journey.